Monday, April 27, 2020

9 songs: Cándido Gálvez (Viva Belgrado)

Viva Belgrado just released their new album called 'Bellavista'. It's available on all streaming platforms and on CD/Vinyl. Check out their bandcamp page for purchase links.
Below is the list of nine songs that got their singer/guitar player Cándido into emo.

Hello, this is Cándido, I sing for Viva Belgrado, an emo/screamo/rock? band from Andalusia, in Southern Spain. I’m not sure wether all these songs would be widely considered emo or not, but I feel as these were the most notorious emo-related album/songs that started to shape my musical personality.

At the Drive-in - Arcarsenal 

A cliche answer but it’s impossible not to mention them. The first half of this album is a masterpiece. We cover this song quite often with Viva Belgrado.

Berri Txarrak - Isiltzen Banaiz

Easily one of the bands of my life. It was 2006 when I met this Basque girl in a summer camp that showed me Berri Txarrak. There was something I found extremely euphonic and poetic in the language that made me fall in love with them, together with that characteristic dark guitar sound blending hardcore and metal with beautiful vocal melodies. I learnt all their translations and found how good their lyrics were. There was in fact poetry in them. Their lyricist, Gorka Urbizu, has probably been one of my biggest influences.

Lisabö - Hasi Eskukada

I discovered this album in 2007 after it came out and the band was interviewed in RockZone magazine and it changed my world for ever. I had never listened to something like this before. It was raw and intense but in a different way from punk rock. It was poetic and desperate. It was chaotic and noisy but it made sense. Although I didn’t understand the lyrics and I was too young to reflect on this, I could sense there was something political about this band, not on their lyrics but on their way of doing things. This band was my entry to DIY after I learnt about their label bIDEhUTS and to other Basque acts such as Dut.

Daïtro - Laissez Vivre les Squelettes

One of the earliest bands I formed ended up being La Parade some time after I left the project. In there I met Serjio Nevado, who bombarded me with Daïtro. It became one of my referents, and together with Lisabö probably the band that has made me feel more chills. There’s rage, violence and sadness in this band. That broken and unperfect scream simply awakens something inside me. Special mention to those unpredictable drum fills, their records have probably my favourite drumming in all time. 

 Pedro the Lion - Bad Diary Days

I learnt about Pedro the Lion from Berri Txarrak, because of Gorka Urbizu’s obsession with them. I kept seeing him with Pedro the Lion t-shirts during their live shows and thought I should listen to them. This album became one of the my favourites ever. I love the lyrics and how with such a minimalistic approach Daviz Bazan is able to make me feel so much.

Fugazi - Break 

I remember discovering Fugazi and Dischord being 18 surfing the Internet for the true emo, true punk, whatever and reading about them in forum discussions. Repeater blew my mind and I ran to a local record store to order the album. All those photos of teen crowds in sport halls, their way of doing things and their raw energy captivated me at that age. Also that legendary performance with Guy Picciotto hanging from a basketball ring haha.

Sunny Day Real State - Seven 

This is another absolute cliche answer, but they were one of my earliest examples for raw sound with beautiful melodies. Also I discovered Jeremy Enigk because of them.

Standstill - Ride Down the Slope

I was 12 when this song came out and I actually discovered it being 19. Standstill have since then been one of my references, from their emocore beginnings to their late experimental rock approach. Their crazy European tours was all I wanted to do when I started touring in my early 20s.

Fall Out Boy - Saturday 

Wait, are you serious? This isn’t emo! Well, whatevs.. I discovered Fall Out Boy when I was 15 and it was the soundtrack for my teens. I don’t listen to them much nowadays but every time I play this song I still get goosebumps and a flashback to the spring of 2005. I got really obsessed with this album and found out because of the screaming at the end of the song about the band Pete Wentz and Tim McIlrath had together before FOB and Rise Against: Arma Angelus.

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