Thursday, October 28, 2021

9 songs: Henning Runolf (Suis La Lune, left in-between)

Henning Runolf from Suis La LuneSore Eyelids and a whole lot of other bands recently released the debut album of his new solo-project called left in-between, and I'm sure that if you're into his previous works, you'll love it tooBe sure to check it out here. Below are 9 songs that got Henning into emo, and it varies from undeniable classic to unexpected and rare additions.  

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

9 songs: Don Kirkland (Usurp Synapse)

Don Kirkland (Usurp Synapse, Fax Arcana, Rep Seki) shares with us 9 songs that got him into emo (or what was this kind of music called back then).
This autumn Don will release new album under the moniker "The Usurp Synapse" (yeah, that's right, and you know what you should expect from this one).

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