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Track-by-track: Trachimbrod - Leda

Hannes - guitarist of Swedish band Trachimbrod talks about their new album "Leda".

”Leda” has been a long-spun project over the last five years. The songs have evolved in a low pace and at different places and different times. We live in four different cities and this have of course effected the process.
Our vision was to create a record with a live feeling. There are not too many overdubs and fancy post production. We wanted it to be true and raw.
The recording sessions took place in two studios in Stockholm and one in Malmö. Most of the recordings and the production is made by ourselves. Drum recording and mastering is the only stages where we used external help.
The title ”Leda” means that you are in a state of boredom and disgust. We wanted to reflect on how our lives can feel meaningless in your everyday routines. The purpose was to depict our view on life in a realistic way.

Rum utan fönster

The first track of the album was the easiest to write but the hardest to record. It was written in a jam session with Hannes and Dino, the two guitarists, about three years ago in Stockholm. The foundation of the song came out very naturally. The main riff flows thorugh the song with small changes, and it felt like the song already was there when we wrote it. There wasn’t much thinking involved. What´s tricky is that the beat is in 7/8 and that messed things up in the recording process.

Allt är som det alltid var

The first pop song in the history of Trachimbrod. Probably the closest the Billboard charts we will ever come. This song embodies the ”keep it simple-approach” we had during the making of ”Leda”. It is very different from your average screamo song but we think that the blend of the spooky vocals and the basic beat really has something special. The song is about not being able to change your bad habits.


This song went under the working name ”The gospel song”. Initially we had this ending with gospel harmonies, whih we eventually scrapped. I wrote the song two years ago on an acoustic guitar and I was afraid that the song was too bright. But when the band got it all together we found the right energy. It is probably the most difficult song to perform live.


Begränsad is the oldest song on the record. It is actually the only song, togehter with Medskyldighet, we have performed live before. The rest of the songs will premiere on tours this year. I got the idea for the guitar riff in the intro from a commercial tune at Swedish cinemas. The lyrics deals with our limitations to make a difference as human beings.


This is an extension from Begränsad. First the two songs were together, but eventually we split them on the record. The song deals with our guilt when being passive watchers of the problems in our society. We really tried hard to avoid the rock sound and lean more towards the shoegaze sound. The goal was to sound more like My Bloody Valentine than Black Sabbath (although we love them).

Ett annat liv

The punk song of the record. It changes between two keys and has this punk thing going on in the chorus. Really meodic. When we came up with the drum beat for the chorus was an Eureka moment.

Vi två

This one had the working name ”The energetic one”. Has a nice blend between chaotic screamo and shoegaze elements. The song is basically about a failed relationship, and that is something that I think most people can relate to.


Hjärnspöke means that something gets inside your head and messes with it in a destructive way. The song is written by Dino and it is kind of meditative. The guitar riff goes around over and over again
like a mantra. It was very easy to record except the tambourine which took us weeks.

Saker de säger

A.k.a The Rock Song. It starts of with blasting drums, takes a poppy passage and ends with a transcendetal outro. Classic Trachimbrod. A lot of emotions put into one song. The lyrics is about feeling anxious about other peoples perception of you.

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